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Automatic double heads auger powder filling machine


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    Production description:

    This line consists of bottle/jar feeding table,double head weighing filling machine,cap feeding machine,capping machine,labeling machine,etc.used for filling powder  into bottle or jars.





    1.The machine adopts turntable filling, precise positioning, no filling without cans. 

    2.2 sets of METTLER TOLEDO load cells, real-time feedback of weighing information, to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 100% 

    3.The PLC program control system executes various operation actions and processes and analyzes various parameters in operation.

    4.This model has the characteristics of small footprint, easy operation, debugging, maintenance, and strong stability.

    5. There are no sanitary corners, and it is more in line with the new GMP requirements.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Measuring method: replenishing spiral rotary filling type for two times after weighing

    2. Container size: cylindrical container φ50-180mm high 50-350mm

    3. Packing weight: 10-5000g (change screw attachment)

    4. Packaging accuracy: ≤±0.3%~0.5%

    5. Packing speed: 25-55 cans/min

    6. Power supply: three-phase 380V 50-60Hz

    7. Power of the whole machine: 3.5Kw

    8. Air pressure: 6-8Kg/Cm2

    9. Weight of the whole machine: 700Kg


    Detailed photos:

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