Thank you Vietnamese customers for ordering automatic coffee bean vacuum packaging machine

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Thank you Vietnamese customers for ordering automatic vacuum" target="_blank">vacuum" target="_blank">vacuum" target="_blank">vacuum" target="_blank">coffee bean vacuum packaging machine


Post time:20th Nov. 2020


Thanks to Vietnam Pharmaxx Company for approving our fully automatic vacuum packaging machine and bought 4 units at a time includes 2 sets for coffee beans and 2 sets for coffee powder.


This machine consist of weighing machine, vertical bagging machine, linear type vacuum machine,can realize functions of auto weighing ,filling ,bag-making, sealing, vacuuming,taking-off into one.According to the output of the customer, we designed a small vacuum chamber, which can enter 1-2 packages of products into the vacuum chamber at a time. The whole machine has a high degree of automation, and the cost is lower than that of a high-speed vacuum packaging machine. The vacuum degree is high, which is more suitable for customers' requirements.


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