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Tell: +86-15375353919
Phone: +86-15375353919
E-mail: sales@koyopacker.com
Address: No.245,Ziyun Road,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Hefei,Anhui,China.

1.Who we are?

We are manufacturer of automatic weighing packing machines , located in Hefei city,Anhui province,China.We were founded in 1998, already engaged in this packaging field more than 20 years.

2.What we are producing and selling?

Our products mainly includes automatic vertical weighing packing machines,automatic vacuum packing machine,automatic filling line,automatic bulk packaging& palletizing line, automatic secondary packing line for baler bags in plastic bag / pp woven bag/carton and ancillary equipment.

3.Do we have our own production R&D team?

Yes,We have professional teams for machine design,drawing making,machine assembling and testing,we also have a professional service team who can go abroad to help customer install and test the machines,also giving training.

4.Do we have experience in non-standard design?

Yes, we have designed and made some non-standard design packaging lines for customers, such as the screw weigher for ice cubes, which greatly reduces the problem of ice agglomeration We designed and developed bag edge folding & sealing and bottom flatting device on packing machine to make more beautiful bag shapes.We developed a high speed continuous packaging machine for increasing the packaging speed to 100bags per min.We developed a lifting screw metering machine to solve the dust problem in the ultra fine powder packaging process,etc.

5.What certifications have our products passed?

Our products have passed ISO9001:2008 and CE certificates.

6.How to pack our machines?

After the machine is cleaned up, it is wrapped with film first, and then packaged in a wooden export box.

7.What after-sales service can we provide?

7.1we can communicate with shipping agent and delivery machine for customer;

7.2we will offer customer the user manual,electrical diagram,installation video,etc.

7.3we will offer customer documents for clean custom,includes commercial invoice,packing list, bill of lading, certificate of origin,etc.

7.4 we will answer questions online from customer any time.

7.5we can send engineer to abroad for helping customer install & test machines and training.

7.6In the case of non-man-made damage, we will express the accessories free of charge and let the customer replace it. If it is deemed damaged, we only charge the cost price for the spare parts.

8.Which countries are our products sold to?

Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Colombia, Peru, Uzbekistan, Russia, Egypt, Syria, Iran, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,etc

9.What is our purpose?

To fully understand the needs of customers, think from the perspective of customers, to provide the most suitable packaging solutions and the most timely service is our aim